Friday, August 06, 2004

Chalti ka Naam Gadi

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Music, be it in any form, Indian, Western, Oriental or as crude as rythmic sound of water droplets dripping in the sink, always has a connoisseur to appreciate it. Well I am not sure how many of you share your views with me on this very special genre of music, The Public Transport Music should I call it?. In India, most of the public transport vehicles have a Cassette Player fitted in them, and a dozen of very special cassettes having songs which you would have never even heard of. Be them the Deadly City Buses of Indore, Crowded Buses of the DTC(Delhi Transport Corporation) or the Dashing Vikrams of Kanpur, they all cater this very special choice of music to you. Theres one more special thing about their cassette players, normally the speed of their rotor is very high and the songs are played on a little higher frequency, this adds to the uniqueness of these wierd songs. The lyrics are cheap and music too is not very sweet but still its good to listen to at times. Sometimes I found them really funny. Recently DTC has taken this initiative to have Radio Tuners in the CNG Rickshaws. Thats one good move atleast that RPM problem can be sorted out. I dont know how many of you have tasted this music, but if you ever get to use the of public transport in India, you will surely listen to this music. They constitute the largest consumer group of music companies like T-Series.

--- One Trailor (Hindi Only!! English cannot express it that good) ----
A typical Radiowala's voice : Super Cassette industries aur Gulashn Kumar pesh karte hai

A crashing female voice : Aaja*alternate echoes of male and female voice* (If you are in Kanpur you might overhear your neigbors talking wow what gr8 sound effects )

A typical Radiowala's voice : Aaja Meri Jaan* A song starts to play somethign like Julie Julie Julie ... and the female starts to sing: Mai jal rahi hoon tere pyaar mein*

A typical Radiowala's voice : Aur is aag ko bhujhane aa raha hai naya romantic chehra jee haan doston Kishan Kumar

A crashing female voice : in sureele gaano ka romantic sangeet diya hai annu malik ne aur khoobsoorat geet likhe hain xyz ne

I am sure all those who can understand this would be laughing their guts out ... so were me and my friend and the poor rickshaw guy cud only managed to ask us "Bhaiya badal doon kya"


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