Wednesday, June 30, 2004

About Me : Redux

I'm Joey Tribbiani from Friends!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

About Me

Hey people,

Something really good for the About Me section ::

Let me introduce myself, I'm a social disease
I've come for your wealth leave you on your knees
No time for feeling sorry, I got here on my own
I won't ask for mercy, I choose to walk alone

What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine too
If you shake my hand better count your fingers

Courtesy -- Dream Theater.

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ode to Holden

Rated: R ( For use of strong language.)

Don’t read any further in this post if you are a goody-good kitsch asshole. I have posted many others for people like you but this one goes out as homage to Holden Caulfield.

If you are reading this then you probably know what a blog is and in all likelihood you'll have one of your own. You often wonder that why your blog isn't as popular as some of the other pretentious bastards on the net who have got nothing else to do but brag about their stupid mundane life or voice their opinions about things that they can do nothing about. Then why do you do it? The simplest reason for this is the fact that as humans you are craving for attention and have a belief that you are the centre of the universe. You give too much importance to yourselves. You are part of a generation that has been raised by television commercials to run after things which do not make much sense but are a status symbol in the society. The whole fuss about a 1 GB GMAIL account all over the tech savvy community proves it. I know that you are lying if you say you never wished for a GMAIL account. In all probability you would have mailed your friends for it, contacted complete strangers requesting for it, posted petitions on various blogs, yahoo groups and orkut communities. Just look inside and try to answer to yourself, "Why do I need a 1 GB email account?" I doubt that the most common answer will be something other than status symbol.

Why is it that you can’t accept the harsh realities of life? Why is it that you are always looking for other people to approve your actions? Why do you give a fuck to what other people say about you?

I reread this post and changed all the WEs and Is to YOUs so that it makes a better impact. I am also a part of the same ostentatious world you live in and think like you do. And if there are some people who are still looking for GMAIL invites, mail me your full name and email address, I have got 5 left.

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Gmail invites

I know that by now they have lost their enigma, anyhow I have got 5 Gmail invites. If anyone still needs them, mail me your full name and email address at yahoo is creating some trouble with Gmail invites by sending them in BulkMail folder or treating them as Spam so i request you to give a non-yahoo email address.
Edited -- They are all over
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

the little red devils!!!

the little red devils come marching upon me
to take my body and claim my soul
they know no limits, know no boundary
they just march in to eat me whole

they march right in when i am sleeping
they have no god apart from need
from every crevice they come out creeping
feeding on death, their only creed

they're everywhere the eye can see
inside my room, upon my bed
they crawl on my skin full of glee
they even crawl inside my head

i cannot run, i cannot hide
cornered thus, i have to fight
they hurt me hard,they wound my pride
crushing my soul with all their might

they have their fill,they take the spoils
they leave me hurt, in deepest sorrow
i make a resolve, my anger boils
i'll kill those goddamned ants tomorrow!!!

this poem was inspired by an attack of red ants in my room(which hasn't been cleaned for ages and is fertile ground for wildlife activity!!!) which left me red-patched and itchy all over...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Is There Hope ?

Al Pacino once said in an interview, “You are as good as your last movie.” and I think the same concept can be applied to blogs too. If I create the profile of an average visitor to this blog it would be a 20-25 year old male, probably IITian, who never really had an actual opportunity to be in love. The question that I want to raise now is “Is there hope?” Frankly speaking, I don’t think so.

Love, in my opinion, requires a certain amount of stupidity to become a real success. As the time passes by we become mature and finally reach an age when we judge everything rationally. The loss of rational is an extremely necessary prerequisite for love. Considering my personal case, which I presume is of majority of the readers, I was busy with studies in my high school years and I never looked so good that females would drop as I passed by. I had neither the time nor the inclination for the incidental fling in those years and never had the opportunity once I was out of high school. Spending four or five years in a college where the boy : girl ratio is 20 : 1, its human to give up on love. But, I don’t think that even after I pass out from here, I will have the chance to look for my soul mate. I know that I am not Richard Bach who could abandon everything and leave in search for true love. This happens only in books like “The Bridge Across Forever” or some Yash Chopra movie. Two years from now, most probably, I would be doing a 9 in the morning to 10 in the night job at a software firm which would not leave me any time other than weekends. Finding a girl in that time would be extremely hard as, lets face it, I would be out partying with my guy friends.

I remember Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption when he said, “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Well, Mr. Robbins mine is taking its few last breaths.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Free GMail Invites!

I just found a site called GMail Swap. Their tagline says Because people are nice.

And there was another one that talked about a chain of free GMail invites. Their tagline was Pay It Forward.

Now, Pay It Forward is one of my favourite movies. So, I've decided to be nice and give away the 3 Gmail invites I have for free. The only condition being that you do the same when you get those free invites.

Of course, I have no way of ensuring that you will actually send those invites for free, but I will trust you.

Because people are nice.

Leave a comment here with your e-mail address and name. The first 3 will get the invites. And more when I get more invites to send out.

[Edited on June 21]

I have got more invites now. Send in your request as a comment on this post with Full Name and e-mail id.

Monday, June 14, 2004

What is Hindutva, by the way?

Considering that this blog has been mostly dormant, apart from serving as a list of links to some great blogs of course (which in itself is no mean deed), I thought of starting a discussion (hoping to start at least). I posted this at my blog a couple of days back, and had a decent enough response. Let's see how you guys react.


I came across this article by Tavleen Singh via Wonderbug's blog. Moreover, her last post also got me thinking, or rather thinking again, on this topic. I left a long comment too at her post. Funny how some issues never get redundant!

Now I am not a very devout Hindu by any long shot. I never go to temples, attend poojas once in a while only because my parents stress on it (which they rarely ever do). In fact, I have often thought of converting to some other religion, most likely Islam, just to see if it makes the slightest bit of difference to me. But that doesn't mean that I am not aware of my history and heritage. I know more about my religion, and my caste than most people I have come across. I also take avid interest in reading up on the history and evolution of other religions. And all this has taught me one thing - many of us give a hell of a lot of importance to something as personal as one's religion and beliefs, more than what is sanely necessary. This is what politicians, most of them at least, make full use of.

I am not apologetic about being a Hindu. Just as I am not apologetic about being an Indian, Bihari, 22-year old, male, human being. I was born into it, and it is what I make of it, not what some ignorant western journalist projects it to be. That is why, it really offends me to my core when I hear the word 'Hindu' being mentioned in the media as something with orthodox, millitant, intolerant, despicable connotations. And that happens quite a lot to have missed your senses. I really don't care much about what BBC or CNN thinks of Hindus, which translates to a majority of Indians, apart from the fact that these are also inadvertently shaping the average foreigner's opinion about me. This is not very different form the picture that Hollywood portrayed of India as a land of loin-cloth clad, snake-charming, elephant-riding, mantras-chanting, black magic-practising, Kali-worshipping, idiots, for a very long time. But, what takes my goose is that even our own politicians are misusing 'secular' to mean 'anti-Hindu'.

BJP's been branded a Hindu nationalist party for eternity. There are people, and a substantial number at that, who might be dangerous to the idea of 'secularism', but there are saner people too, who just happen to be simply proud of being Hindus. It will be very naive on our part if we just get blinded by the media hype, and utterances by 'secular' parties' leaders, to believe that every single BJP worker is sharpening his knife to stab the next innocent minority community member that passes by. Come on, let's use our brains too, for once. Respect for another person is not possible in the true sense if you don't respect your own self. Similarly, you can't really respect another man's religion unless you respect your own religion too.

Actually, there are too many aspects to this and with all the thoughts erupting in my mind, I am afraid I might lose coherence. Any person with a basic sense of logic, an average memory, and some knowledge of our recent history can judge that no party today in our polity is really secular. There are some persons in every party who are, others who aren't. And so, judging an entire political party that is made up of so many brilliant individuals with their own individual traits and personalities as non-secular and fundamentalist smacks of ignorance. I could go on and on talking about the 'secular' credentials of other parties, but I am sure we are all knowledgable people here, and are already aware. The point is that public memory, as they say, is very short and very soon Gujarat riots would be forgotten. Just as Delhi re-elected Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler. Political parties, and the public, don't really care about how many people died in the riots, or who perpetrated them. Right now Gujarat is being cited by BJP baiters because it's fresh in our memory, fresh enough to extract political gains.

So to sum up there are two points that I want people to consider seriously. One, don't judge any party on the basis of whether it is secular or not, as none truly is. Two, and more importantly, don't get influenced by the media, and start believing that every thing Hindu is bad. Most of it is not. As with any religion. And that is my interpretation of Hindutva.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Dalhousie anyone?

Have you ever been to Dalhousie? I plan to go there over the coming weekend. If you have been there and can give me some fundaes (we can never give up IIT lingo, can we?).. that would be great!

What are the places around that one can see? I've checked a few things on the net, but a first-hand idea would probably be better.

Anyone in Delhi willing to take a break and visit Dalhousie?

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

IITians and blogging

These IIT blogs are good fun. I am slowly getting pretty addicted to reading them on a regular basis. It gives me enthu to blog as well. Though, I am guessing, I am a little over the hill for blogging (seems like the average age of the blogger is below 25).

Also, seems like the Tag board/Doodle board is a permanent fixture on most blogs. Am wondering if anyone knows the approx % of current students in IIT who blog? Are they from a specific insti, dept, hostel etc. Or is the phenomena widespread?

Also all you bloggers beware. NY Times is calling it a serious addiction :)

On another note, We have a feature which provides a script that allows bloggers to recommend favorites.

You can check it out here: AiYo favorites

Sorry for the shameless self-promotional plug... But thought that it was relevant to blogging and may even be fun for ppl.